Why is adopting new technology so challenging for organizations?

At Cerebyte, we have begun working with several companies to support them as they work to get large groups of people to adopt new technology. We’ve also been in pre-sales with several companies around the same situation. The technologies being adopted are diverse including a program, human resource systems, production management systems, and supply […]

In-house training for success in new technologies: a ‘must-have’

By Rick Grbavac A recent survey of the construction industry conducted by a large US accounting, tax, and consulting firm had some interesting results: 60% of the respondents did not have succession plans 30 % participate in joint ventures. 57% don’t have in-house training programs Change orders continue to be the largest factors in litigations 57% have […]

Digital coaching: current and immediate information

By Michael McCauley The January 2009 issue of Wired Magazine has an interesting article, “How YouTube Changes the Way We Think.” Science and technology writer Clive Thompson (who blogs here) writes that advances in video technology and distribution – think YouTube – have made it possible for people to create short, focused viral videos that […]

Getting change to stick: reinforce training

By William Seidman Professor of Management and Labor Dr. Harry J. Martin has a good article, “Lessons Learned,” in the Wall Street Journal/MIT Sloan Review. His message is cogent and important: “The key to effective training isn’t necessarily what happens in the classroom. It’s what you do afterward.” The benefits of change are clear: increased productivity, higher […]

High employee turnover? Support – and retain – your employees 1

By William Seidman Employee turnover flummoxes good (and not so good) companies. This is an interesting article on the problem, with a number of fixes that might help to retain employees. Healthcare and better scheduling might work to keep some people in a company, but the impact is rarely a sustained one. The primary cause […]