Creating an empowered and efficient team

A few months ago, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “How Bosses Waste Their Employees’ Time.” The author, Robert I. Sutton, is a professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the article is largely based on the research that Sutton and his colleague, Hayagreeva Rao, […]

How do you become a curator of wisdom? One word: Sofia

The research in neuroscience of how people think and learn has enabled a new technology that changes the “training paradigm” and allows companies to evolve their learning and development organization to one that is the curator of high value wisdom and knowledge. Some background: When businesses were small, the founders and key personnel took responsibility […]

4 Neuroscience-Based Components of Engaging Leadership Development Programs

We are pleased to report that our article, 4 Neuroscience-Based Components of Engaging Leadership Development Programs, was recently published in Training Industry. In the article, we describe the four key components that make neuroscience-based leadership development programs so successful: a compelling purpose, path to mastery, practical exercises and applied social learning. For the full article, […]

Machine learning vs. human brain power — which one will win?

I was listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting’s (OPB) TED Radio about machine learning. For those of you who don’t know, machine learning is the next generation of artificial intelligence and is distinguished by the idea that machines learn from their own mistakes and can therefore evolve more quickly than humans. One of the implications of […]

The Undoing Project unwrapped Part 2 – An in-depth look at the science of leadership and change

In my blog post, “The Undoing Project unwrapped – Part 1,” I discussed the book “The Undoing Project” and how it relates to decision-making. Now, I will describe how “The Undoing Project” is directly relevant to our work at Cerebyte. First, one of the messages from the book is that there are far too many […]

Neuroscience makes learning a driver of growth

We are pleased to report that our article, “Neuroscience Makes Learning a Driver of Growth” was just published by Training Industry. In the article, we discuss how neuroscience is changing the role of learning and development in organizations. We also describe the key elements of our model of learning, how the science effects the design […]

The Undoing Project unwrapped part 1 – a close look at decision-making

A warning about this blog: As many of you know, I can, at times be “Dr. Bill,” meaning I can get into nerdy things that I find fascinating and others may not. This is a nerdy blog. I have been reading a book called “The Undoing Project,” by Michael Lewis. The book is a history […]

Neuroscience-based program builds knowledge assets

The top-performing people are some of the most valuable assets in your company, due (in part) to a vast “database” of wisdom and knowledge living in their heads. But what happens when that person eventually leaves your company? Naturally, that knowledge and wisdom will go with them, unless you can somehow capture and organize that […]

How leaders should think & act differently

I recently read a Wall Street Journal article on neuroscience studies of leaders and their decision-making process. To be completely transparent, the article quotes extensively from Dr. Srini Pillay and Dr. David Rock. (We have a formal partnership with Dr. Pillay, and Dr. Rock wrote an endorsement of our book, “The Star Factor,” so of […]