Are “extra milers” a good thing?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, The Downside of Carrying the Most Weight, describes the conflict between organizations that have “extra milers” and the issues that they cause. Extra milers are people who work very long hours and are consistently sought out by others for their expertise. In the narrow sense of defined productivity […]

One-on-one mentoring versus team learning

By William Seidman Team learning or mentoring?  We’ve been working with customers in healthcare who are very interested in our research on learning as a team versus the benefits of learning with a mentor. We are asked, specifically, if we would use team coaching – everyone at once – or one-on-one coaching for specific team members? There is a tradeoff between the […]

The teaching method called “creative disruption”

By RG The way the US school system educates our kids is basically flawed. We spend more per child ($9000) than nearly every other country, but our results are comparatively poor. How can this be? An article by Clayton Christensen (he wrote The Innovator’s Dilemma), Michael Horn, and Curtis Johnson last week that suggests that […]

Sharing expertise within organizations 2

By William Seidman How can you find expertise and, then, assure that it will be shared? Alden Hayashi’s “The World Might be Small, But Not for Everyone” describes research by a team led by Morten Hansen from INSEAD. Are the results surprising or could you have guessed what tends to happen? Significant groups within an […]