Are “extra milers” a good thing?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, The Downside of Carrying the Most Weight, describes the conflict between organizations that have “extra milers” and the issues that they cause. Extra milers are people who work very long hours and are consistently sought out by others for their expertise. In the narrow sense of defined productivity […]

The science of change management 2

  Until  recently, there wasn’t really any reason to think about a distinction between a craft view of change and a scientific model of change. Change management had for so long consisted of a set of conventional “craft” wisdoms that few questioned the approach, even if the accepted wisdoms were minimally effective. Now, recent advances […]

Positive deviance: a key to great government?

By Michael McCauley  In her recent column, “How Questions Can Drive Leadership Success”   in the weekly of the National League of Cities , Dr. Barbara Mackoff  posits that asking the right questions can drive municipal leadership success. I couldn’t agree more! Dr. Mackoff seeks to encourage the use of the wisdom of positive deviants.  Instead of asking,  “What’s wrong […]

Superman and Wonder Woman need not apply: Make your organization easier to lead

By William Seidman What makes a leader great?  Do organizations unwittingly reinforce stereotypes (gender, age, or other) when they insist on a superhero at the top? Can organizations excel at what they do without a “charismatic” leader? I’ve been reading Transformational Leadership  by the late Bernard Bass and organizational psychologist Ronald Riggio, and I’ve had some great conversations recently with Patti Dragland of Strategic Sense  […]

Upcoming leadership and performance improvement conferences

By William Seidman Several interesting conferences are coming up, and I’m going: My first stop is Friday, April 17th in Chicago for the Transformational Leadership Gala sponsored by the good folks at the Wright Institute for Transformational Leadership. The main speaker will be Brad Anderson,  CEO of Best Buy. Should be very interesting. 300 people are expected […]

Social intelligence and the biology of leadership

By William Seidman Daniel Goleman is a cochair of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, based at Rutgers’ Grad School of Applied and Professional Psychology. Richard Boyatzis is the H.R. Horvitz Chair of Family Business and a prof. in the depts of organizational behavior, psychology, and cognitive science at Case Western Reserve […]

Transforming good managers into leaders

  By William Seidman How do we transform an organization’s good managers into real leaders? I’ve done this in East Asia, South America, and the UK. Now I’m in Japan. We’re doing these sessions in Japanese and English with a lot of translation since (unfortunately) I can say only “good morning” and “thank you.” But […]