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Are “extra milers” a good thing?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, The Downside of Carrying the Most Weight, describes the conflict between organizations that have “extra milers” and the issues that they cause. Extra milers are people who work very long hours and are consistently sought out by others for their expertise. In the narrow sense of defined productivity […]

Want change? Practice our four positives

By William Seidman Achieve meaningful organizational change.  These components, when practiced together, assure success: Positive Deviance: Learn from your positive deviants about how to do something right the first time. Positive Images: Use positive images to visualize the desired outcomes. Positive Practice: Consciously practice doing something right the first time. Positive Reflection: Spend time thinking about […]

How to get executives to stop hoarding cash: a modest proposal

By William Seidman Performance Improvement is the journal of the International Society of Performance Improvement  and will publish Mike McCauley’s and my article, “Restoring Executive Confidence in Performance Improvement.” We discuss the fact that executives are hoarding cash. One of the things they are not investing in is performance improvement initiatives;  they are making a calculation of cost-benefit. Their […]

Neuroscience and the self-control of mood and attentiveness

By William Seidman Dr. Michael Posner, Oregon neuroscientist, was recently interviewed by Alvaro Fernandez on the neuroscience of attention/attentiveness and emotional self-regulation. Dr. Posner theorizes that there is a specific portion of the human brain that is used to allocate attention. From this attention comes “effortful control“: the ability to focus attention in order to accomplish a task. […]

The vital role of positive leadership in organizations

By William Seidman Kim Cameron is the William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. In his latest book, Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance, Cameron discusses the powerful impact of a positive leader. The specifics: performance goes way up if the leader can create a […]