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Machine learning vs. human brain power — which one will win?

I was listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting’s (OPB) TED Radio about machine learning. For those of you who don’t know, machine learning is the next generation of artificial intelligence and is distinguished by the idea that machines learn from their own mistakes and can therefore evolve more quickly than humans. One of the implications of […]

Motivating real and lasting change (ask your positive deviants for help)

By William Seidman We often hear about the importance of positive images in achieving real and lasting change. I was at an all-male college, Dartmouth, when women began to be admitted. As you can imagine, our culture changed rapidly. We were very motivated to do anything that would make it easier to get along with the […]

Positive Deviance and the sense of purpose

By William Seidman Purpose is so important. I’ve been preaching it for years. Without it you have, essentially, nothing. And yes, money isn’t everything. Not at all! There’s some great research being done on motivation  (and a large and growing body of neuroscience research on the impact of purpose on brain chemistry). But how do you […]

Purpose and mastery: Howard Schultz and Starbucks

By William Seidman Howard  Schultz’s efforts to revitalize and improve two cultures – the Starbucks corporate culture and our country’s culture – have earned him Fortune Magazine’s 2011 “Businessperson of the Year” award. Schultz is cited for vastly improving the Starbucks culture and, also, for tackling some of our country’s problems: job creation, specifically. I think […]

Great branding and company culture

By William Seidman I’ve been talking with  people who are experts in branding. I asked them how far into the operations of the organization they went. When Cerebyte was working with Jack in the Box,  the company leaders saw the brand as being present in everything they did, even the facial expressions of the counter person handing over […]

Shared beliefs, values, and ways of doing things: your organization’s culture 1

By William Seidman Organizations of all stripes are rightfully concerned about their cultures: the shared beliefs, values, attitudes, and and standards that define and guide them. Organizational culture has everything to do with goals and strategies and ultimate success or failure. Culture sets the underlying norms for functioning. Sometimes, culture needs to change. Organizations as […]

Focus on what’s good – even great – about your company

By Michael McCauley Often when a company’s leadership decides that changes are needed, the intense focus is on what’s wrong. What’s right and good is often undervalued. You might expect that this negative focus is a good thing for advanced strategic management, because isn’t acknowledging what’s wrong vitally important to being able to change? Well, […]