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Machine learning vs. human brain power — which one will win?

I was listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting’s (OPB) TED Radio about machine learning. For those of you who don’t know, machine learning is the next generation of artificial intelligence and is distinguished by the idea that machines learn from their own mistakes and can therefore evolve more quickly than humans. One of the implications of […]

Change has to be wanted for it to “stick”

By William Seidman Yesterday I led a webinar for the Ohio Heartland Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement. Julie Snyder and Tom Roach of “Leadership Beyond Limits” helped make it happen, and Suki McIntosh of OHISPI hosted. Our use of the science of positive deviance, best practices research, and change initiatives inspired a key question: Does […]

Driving organizational change in China and India

By William Seidman One of our partners in the work we do is Edward Ferris, Managing Partner at Charlesmore,  a management consulting and organizational strategic change firm.  One of the biggest challenges in organizational strategy is implementation – and this is where we at Cerebyte have so much to offer. Edward has been doing a lot of work in […]

Driving organizational change in China: note-taking is a powerful tool

By William Seidman  I recently returned from Shenzhen (above, left), Beijing, and Hong Kong where I worked with Intel customer service teams –  speakers of Mandarin and Cantonese, sometimes one and sometimes both  – with only moderate English language skills. In their high-tech industry they are some of the best – and the work went well. Vivien Li (above, center) contributed hugely to our […]

Add value: Create “best practices” (because people don’t know what they don’t know)

By William Seidman I run into a paradox in my work helping companies define and create “best practices.” People often want to plunge in – try something – without any planning. When I push back they say they will create a best practice once they have worked on it for a while and know the […]