Transformational Solutions

Our Transformational Solutions are focused on helping your people learn to think and act their best. We will help you to identify your current top performers and tap into their “secret sauce,” allowing them to pass on their successful approach to others. We can also build a custom Cerebyte Experience to fit the needs of your organization drawing from the wealth of wisdom in our Cerebyte Knowledge Bank.


Four steps to greatness

1. Set the Bar

We create a clear picture of the end result, by using the theory of Positive Deviance. This allows us to identify your best practice experts in less than a day. The following three days are spent discovering the experts’ wisdom and organizing it into a clear plan for success.

2. Motivate Change

We motivate each person individually to embrace your organization’s values, standards and operating processes. We then use the theories of “Fair Process” and “Mass Customization” along with newest advances in neuroscience. This allows us to create motivation for your performers to adopt your organization’s desired best practices.

3. Sustain Change

We change the behaviors of everyone allowing those best practices to be integrated into their job. We then use additional advances in neuroscience to produce long-term change which will become clearly visible.

4. Scale to the Enterprise

We use our web based technology to create an environment where people can leverage the change across the entire organization quickly and efficiently. This process occurs over a six week period.

Jack in the Box Success Story #1

Jack in the Box Success Story #1“How in the world can we leave something as important as coaching and educating our people to chance?”

Paul Schultz, Executive VP, Operations & Franchising, Jack in the Box

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Jack in the Box Success Story #2

Jack in the Box Success Story #2“My turnover is at the lowest it has been in the last five years. I also have the best guest services results in the last five years and my sales are up.”

Shehzad Gill, Area Manager, Jack in the Box

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Sustainer Solutions


You have now created change and are beginning to see that change reflected in your organization.

Now what?

Our Cerebyte Sustainer Solution reinforces that change so that your organization can continue to grow and flourish.


Cerebyte’s Sustainer is a web application that takes the content from your learning program and provides a series of exercises to reinforce what your organization has learned.

You may choose from a variety of Cerebyte Experiences. We offer self-guided e-learning, self-directed learning groups and coach-led facilitated social learning. Our Sustainer program uses reflective learning processes allowing users to review what they learned and how to apply those new concepts to their job.

Our Cerebyte Sustainer program informs executives and managers of their employee’s progress via a summary dashboard. This software allows the organization to know exactly what each employee has learned and how they’re using that knowledge.

Sustainer gives organizations the option to provide all of their employees with real-time updates such as, new concepts, business procedures, marketing literature and any new information. The information can then be sent directly to employees. This provides ongoing support for thousands of employees simultaneously, anywhere in the world and at a low cost.

Sofia—Your Wisdom Experience


Empower your organization by discovering, retaining and sharing your organization’s experts’ knowledge within the constraints of a budget-squeezed, “twitterized” world.

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The Cerebyte team’s 20 years of experience using neuroscience to create transformational performance improvements in organizations has led to this breakthrough in capturing star performers’ wisdom and knowledge and sharing it with others. We call it the Sofia Learning Platform.

Sofia is a new neuroscience-based online learning platform that we’ve designed to facilitate meaningful learning and performance improvements throughout any organization.

Bill-Seidman“Our Sofia Learning Platform helps companies easily capture and use the expert knowledge of their star performers, which offers tremendous benefits for increasing productivity throughout your entire organization. Now it is possible to provide meaningful, scientifically-based, purpose-driven employee development at low cost and high speed. Sofia allows you to improve productivity through a great learning experience for everyone in your organization — all in twitter time.”

William Seidman, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer and President


Rapid Discovery

Improve Performance


Sofia is a highly effective learning platform that enables organizations to quickly discover and use expert knowledge throughout all levels of any organization.

More than just a repository of information, Sofia is designed to capture expert wisdom, motivate employees to embrace change, and ensure integration of new ideas and skills into every employee’s life. There are three steps that guide the user in an easy-to-use, interactive format:


#1 Self-Discovery

This initial step guides users to discover their own unconscious knowledge based on their experiences.

#2 Self-Directed Learning

This process helps the user apply the expert’s input into their own situation.

blended learning


The Sofia cloud app guides your employees to think about and apply their experience in answering these questions:

  • What is the right way to think about this role?
  • What are the basics that need to be mastered for the role?
  • What are the advanced attitudes and skills needed to excel at the role?
  • How do you sustain excellence in the role?
  • With just a few hours work, you can capture the special wisdom that makes your top performers extraordinary.


Self-Directed Learning

The Sofia cloud app engages and guides your less experienced personnel to think and act like your star performers. It’s fast, easy, self-guided and fits any organization’s budget and time constraints.

Sofia helps turn a typically lengthy training process at companies into a motivating and less time-consuming learning activity that generates tangible results. The combined self-discovery, sharing and self-directed learning processes capture all of the core elements of expert knowledge acquisition which helps turn experience and knowledge into a tool which improves productivity for both the employee and the company.

How to move forward with

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