Case Study: Supply Chain Transformation (SCT)

 Case Study: Supply Chain Transformation (SCT)

The Situation

A Global Tech Company is making a substantive change to their supply chain. This is called the “Supply Chain Transformation (SCT).” In order to make SCT happen fast and effectively, this tech company needs to improve change leadership skills in the thousands of people involved in the change. The group driving the change leadership development is called “Change Management for SCT.”

The Process

Building a Great Change Leadership Best Practices
  • • They selected Cerebyte’s Library Discovery titled “Change Leadership for a Key Strategic Initiative” as the foundation for a best practice specific to SCT Change Leadership
  • • 2 people spent 1 hour customizing the Cerebyte Discovery to create a Great Change Leadership for the SCT best practice
  • • 7 People from the Logistics Organization met in a face-face and spent 4 hours refining the best practice to better adapt to SCT and the initial launch for their Global Logistics Organization.
  • • 1 representative from the European Logistics Organization spent 2 hours refining the Global version and creating a version for the initial launch group in Europe, to the Europe Logistics Organization
  • • Total time to create and customize the SCT Change Leadership program = 7 hours
Launching the Change Leadership program using Sofia
  • • Facilitator successfully led 2 launches – both in Europe
    • • 90 minutes for the Global group (7 people)
    • • 90 minutes for Europe group (15 people)
  • • Process followed the Sofia system formats
    • • They read the best practice content, discussed key ideas, and wrote anchors of thoughts and ideas
    • • Discussions were “very good”, intense and focused discussing critical topics in an organized way
    • • Decision was made to share all recorded learnings from Actions
    • • Leadership strongly supported process including completing all Actions and
      recording learnings and will discuss Actions in weekly staff meetings

  • • Request is to extend program to First-line managers and Individual contributors