Case Study: Executive Succession/On-boarding

 Case Study: Executive Succession/On-boarding

The Situation

The senior operations executive for DBDS, a large company that does outsourced database management and big data analysis, is getting ready to retire. She has unique knowledge and skills and was given the assignment to groom a suitable replacement. The team decided to hire a replacement, but needed to ramp up the new hire replacement quickly to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Achieving Greatness

Achieving greatness is about creating a compelling social good or higher purpose. It’s this unique mindset that makes your top performers great. The key to transforming your performers into stars is to help them realize their own compelling higher purpose, once they do, greatness will not be far behind.

Launching the Succession/On-Boarding program using Sofia
  • • Without any training in leading a Sofia launch, the retiring executive led the new hire/successor through a 1 hour launch session that successfully oriented the new executive with the Sofia methodology and the Operations team’s best practices
  • • They both reported that they had intense, excellent conversation during the Sofia launch and both said it was a very positive, informative experience
  • • During the Sofia launch, they defined the first four weeks of Sofia Actions and established a weekly check-in process
Guided Practice of the Succession/On-Boarding program using Sofia
  • • The new executive followed the Sofia approach, completing the Sofia Actions and recording learnings that were proactive and insightful
  • • The retiring executive followed the new executive’s progress using the Observer function in Sofia to monitor task completion and quality of performance, which she described as very useful
  • • They met weekly to discuss the learnings and progress for the three months it took to complete the program