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Empower your organization by discovering, retaining and sharing your organization’s experts’ knowledge within the constraints of a budget-squeezed, “twitterized” world.

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The Cerebyte team’s 20 years of experience using neuroscience to create transformational performance improvements in organizations has led to this breakthrough in capturing star performers’ wisdom and knowledge and sharing it with others. We call it the Sofia Learning Platform.

Sofia is a new neuroscience-based online learning platform that facilitates meaningful learning and performance improvements throughout any organization. Examples of how Sofia is making a difference include executive succession/on-boarding at IT services provider DBDS, supply chain transformation education at a major technology company, and safety training programs for the lumber and food industries.

Bill-Seidman“Our Sofia Learning Platform helps companies easily capture and use the expert knowledge of their star performers, which offers tremendous benefits for increasing productivity throughout your entire organization. Now it is possible to provide meaningful, scientifically-based, purpose-driven employee development at low cost and high speed. Sofia allows you to improve productivity through a great learning experience for everyone in your organization — all in twitter time.”

William Seidman, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer and President


Rapid Discovery

Improve Performance


Sofia is a highly effective learning platform that enables organizations to quickly discover and use expert knowledge throughout all levels of any organization.

More than just a repository of information, Sofia is designed to capture expert wisdom, motivate employees to embrace change, and ensure integration of new ideas and skills into every employee’s life. There are two main steps that guide the user in an easy-to-use, interactive format:


#1 Self-Discovery

This initial step guides users to discover their own unconscious knowledge based on their experiences.

#2 Self-Directed Learning

This process helps the user apply the expert’s input into their own situation.

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The Sofia cloud app guides your employees to think about and apply their experience in answering these questions:

  • What is the right way to think about this role?
  • What are the basics that need to be mastered for the role?
  • What are the advanced attitudes and skills needed to excel at the role?
  • How do you sustain excellence in the role?
  • With just a few hours work, you can capture the special wisdom that makes your top performers extraordinary.


Self-Directed Learning

The Sofia cloud app engages and guides your less experienced personnel to think and act like your star performers. It’s fast, easy, self-guided and fits any organization’s budget and time constraints.

Sofia helps turn a typically lengthy training process at companies into a motivating and less time-consuming learning activity that generates tangible results. The combined self-discovery, sharing and self-directed learning processes capture all of the core elements of expert knowledge acquisition which helps turn experience and knowledge into a tool which improves productivity for both the employee and the company.

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