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Turning learners into leaders

To some, disruption is a scary word. But to many, it’s a pathway to a better outcome. Did Amazon and Uber scare people when the companies started? Possibly. But the concept for these companies was based on forward-thinking ideas and both companies have changed the way their respective industries work. In my recent blog post […]

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Making Promotions Work — Fast

Promoting someone is almost always a positive event for an organization. A person’s past accomplishments are recognized and a new opportunity is created for the person and the organization. It’s very exciting and energizing when someone gets a promotion. But newly promoted people often struggle with significant changes to their role and work. Many of […]

The same old, same old isn’t working anymore. Change, anyone?

By William Seidman I just had a great conversation with an exceptional Learning & Development (L & D) manager. We’d been asked to work with a well-known high tech to help convert their sales force from very transactional product selling to more transformational solution selling. Each of the six people involved recognized the need to make […]

When a company does it right

By William Seidman We recently had a great experience working with The Berry Company Customer Service organization based in Dayton, Ohio . Berry is a company that’s enacting change the right way. The Problem: Customer service was overloaded. They knew they needed to do things differently. In addition to hiring more people and a new director of customer […]

Kotter’s 8 steps to real and lasting organizational change

By William Seidman It’s amazing to me how much insight into today’s organizations’ problems retired Harvard professor John Kotter had nearly fifteen years ago, when he published “Leading Change: Why Transformational Efforts Fail.” Looked at it another way – how little things have changed.  One of Kotter’s most important points is that transformation is a […]

Organizational urgency vs. activity; why you want urgency

By William Seidman I recently revisited the work of Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter. He’s a prolific author and his latest work, A Sense of Urgency, focuses on urgency in organizations. He discusses the difference between urgency and activity, and how creating a sense of urgency is beneficial to a work environment. Dr. Kotter […]