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Cerebyte’s Sofia program helps speed leadership transformation

In an earlier post, I referred to a situation where a technical leader used our Cerebyte Sofia online learning platform to develop a best practice in just 1.5 hours. The situation that prompted this initiative is a real and common problem in a lot of organizations. Specifically, this organization recognized that the standard practice of […]

Increasing motivation in the board room and the classroom

By William Seidman We talk a lot about the importance of teaching people to be active, self-directed learners in order to become great leaders. To be truly effective, leadership development programs have to be realistic and applicable for each person and situation. The best way to create an applicable and useful leadership development program is […]

Don’t play the game

By William Seidman In “How Deloitte Made Learning a Game,” Jeanne C. Meister explains how Deloitte used gamification principles—essentially making learning and development activities more like games—to increase participation in their training programs. “Since the integration of gamification in to Deloitte Leadership Academy,” Meister writes, “there has been a 37 percent increase in the number […]

The practice of learning: approach is everything

By William Seidman Learning is the most important part of “training.” So often, training initiatives fail. Companies waste thousands of dollars on programs that promise and don’t deliver. We use significant new approaches to learning (which is different from “training’) to produce both higher levels of initial engagement and better long-term, sustained capabilities. How is this done? Emphasize […]

Training for Transformational Leadership via telepresence

By William Seidman This week we used a Cisco Telepresence system here in Oregon to do group coaching simultaneously in Malaysia, China and Japan.  We’d thought this would go well, and it did. Several months ago we determined best practices — how to be a great transformational leader – from a group of highly effective internal leaders in […]

Mentoring vs. knowledge sharing vs. little or no knowledge: compare and contrast

By William Seidman Randy Emelo writes about mentoring in Chief Learning Officer magazine.  He discusses how the millennial generation – people born after 1980 — views mentoring. Hint: Quite differently from the gen xers, baby boomers and the traditionalists, who each have their own views and values. The millennial generation wants a more egalitarian and free approach. Accustomed to knowledge sharing […]

When a company does it right

By William Seidman We recently had a great experience working with The Berry Company Customer Service organization based in Dayton, Ohio . Berry is a company that’s enacting change the right way. The Problem: Customer service was overloaded. They knew they needed to do things differently. In addition to hiring more people and a new director of customer […]