positive leadership

Building change resilience in your organization

An article in the Sunday edition of The New York Times caught my attention recently. This article by Richard A Friedman titled, “How to be resilient”, interested me because we have been doing lots of work with resilience, though specifically focused on change resilience. Although the article is a little too academic for easy understanding, […]

Does having a “sense of purpose” help you sleep?

As anyone who read this blog knows, I am an advocate of developing a compelling social purpose and aligning everything in your work and life with achieving that purpose. Recently, I wrote a blog about how purpose-driven approaches to learning in general and the Cerebyte methodology contribute to brain health. Now there’s another study that […]

Find your greatness: Join me in Lake Oswego, Oregon

On Tuesday, January 28 at 7 p.m., I’ll present “Finding Your Greatness: What Research on Top Performers in Organizations Tells Us About Personal Success” at the Lake Oswego (Oregon) Public Library. People who have a compelling purpose that’s focused on creating social good are consistently more effective and content than others. In my presentation, I’ll […]

Q. are c-level meetings doomed to be dull? (A. no)

By William Seidman Peter Bregman has written a provocative piece on dysfunction in executive teams, and ways to remedy that dysfunction. His description of executives spending most of their time doing (or ignoring) presentations is right on. Far too many executive (and other meetings) are used for updating that could be done much more efficiently. […]

Is it really possible to “manage” performance?

By William Seidman I doubt  that it is really possible to “manage” performance — which hasn’t stopped people from trying! With the caveat that the real reason for performance management is salary administration, not improving performance, I think the entire idea of using performance management as a motivator and guide to performance improvement should be […]

Adam Grant’s “give and take”

By William Seidman Have you read Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success by organizational psychologist (and Wharton professor of management) Adam Grant? Give and Take is about “reciprocity styles” – basically, how people interact with others. Grant describes three styles of reciprocity: Givers (altruistic people who give to others without an expectation of […]

Use positive imagery to improve performance

By William Seidman When people envision the contributions they can make to the greater purpose of an organization, and visualize themselves mastering a critical attitude, behavior or body of knowledge, dopamine increases and motivation grows. According to a recent study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, simply imagining a coworker who is positive can improve your […]

Achieving patient satisfaction using the four positives

By William Seidman Many hospital leaders are highly adept at effective administration. Still, the challenges of leading cultural change in order to meet patient satisfaction are usually outside their skill set. Few are experienced at leading a significant cultural shift, and fewer still are aware of the emerging science of cultural change. Several breakthroughs in […]

How passive learning sabotages leadership

By William Seidman Unfortunately, most learners have been socialized into being passive about their development. The two dominant forms of learning in most organizations—instructor-led classes and e-learning—drive much of the passivity. While a great course taught by a skilled instructor could theoretically create more engagement, the very structure of most formal courses drive passive learning. […]