positive deviants

The social and economic benefits of integrated healthcare

Hospitals and social service agencies are set-up to handle specific medical or social issues but rarely do they consider the interaction between these two disciplines. However, it is possible and beneficial to integrate the two. What is the best way to accomplish this? Why is it so important? First consider that 40 percent of all […]

Monique Sternin at TEDx MidAtlantic

By William Seidman Positive deviance is a core component of our approach to organizational change. In a previous blog post, “Introducing the Positive Deviant,” we explained the genesis of the term and how three social scientists (Richard Pascale, Gerry Sternin and Monique Sternin) coined the term after identifying people in Vietnam who deviated positively from […]

Use persuasive technology to transform organizations

By William Seidman Persuasive technologies are designed to drive changes in people’s beliefs, values and actions. On a mass scale, this is exactly what is required to transform entire organizations. Through our experiences over the past 12 years, we have developed a methodology for organizational transformation that leverages persuasive technology. This specialized process consists of […]

The Star Factor: affirmative leadership

By William Seidman I hope you’ll pre-order our upcoming book, “The Star Factor,” to learn why you should — and then,  how to — develop a comprehensive Affirmative Leadership program. You’ll discover the underlying science and actual techniques we’ve used with hundreds of real organizations to create Affirmative Leaders. You’ll learn how to use the […]

Adam Grant’s “give and take”

By William Seidman Have you read Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success by organizational psychologist (and Wharton professor of management) Adam Grant? Give and Take is about “reciprocity styles” – basically, how people interact with others. Grant describes three styles of reciprocity: Givers (altruistic people who give to others without an expectation of […]

Engage your positive deviants

By William Seidman Once you’ve committed to a Wisdom Discovery session in order to uncover the knowledge and skills within your positive deviants, you’ll need to get your positive deviants onboard. Many people believe that positive deviants don’t want to give up their secrets—that it would somehow diminish them if others in the organization were […]

The Wisdom Discovery Session

By William Seidman To discover the attitudes, knowledge and skills that come so naturally to your star performers—the unconscious competence they possess—you must understand the general traits involved and create an environment in which people can analyze their own attitudes and behavior.  Many companies have tried to institute “Best Practice” implementations by doing interviews. In […]