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Building change resilience in your organization

An article in the Sunday edition of The New York Times caught my attention recently. This article by Richard A Friedman titled, “How to be resilient”, interested me because we have been doing lots of work with resilience, though specifically focused on change resilience. Although the article is a little too academic for easy understanding, […]

Workaholic or high performer: What’s the difference?

According to Jullien Gordon, a speaker and founding partner of New Higher, workaholism and high performance look a lot alike from the outside, but they’re actually nothing alike. “The big difference is how the individual feels on the inside about who they are in relationship to their work,” Gordon explains. A high performer “works hard […]

How to develop emotional intelligence 1

We’ve all had disagreements with friends, spouses, children, and yes, even colleagues. And while we often try to reason our way through conflicts, experts say this is only part of the resolution equation. Our emotions can—and should—play a part as well. “Emotions cannot be ignored,” writes Susan David for Bloomberg. “In fact, research suggests that […]

Find your greatness: Join me in Lake Oswego, Oregon

On Tuesday, January 28 at 7 p.m., I’ll present “Finding Your Greatness: What Research on Top Performers in Organizations Tells Us About Personal Success” at the Lake Oswego (Oregon) Public Library. People who have a compelling purpose that’s focused on creating social good are consistently more effective and content than others. In my presentation, I’ll […]

“Training” is for dogs: why language matters

My New Year’s resolution: Eliminate “training” and “change” from my vocabulary. Over the past year, it’s become clear to me that my choice of words makes a huge difference in how people respond in conversations. Two specific words come to mind: training and change. It strikes me that training is something that people do to […]

Learn how to earn more: join me at PraxisNow’s “Brain-a-Thon”

By William Seidman On Saturday, November 9, I’ll be part of a five-person panel participating in a video webcast entitled “Shattering Your Financial Glass Ceiling.” This free event is hosted by PraxisNow, a research and development company specializing in evidence-based brain retraining tools and programs. What is your “financial glass ceiling”? Science has shown that […]

Want change? Practice our four positives

By William Seidman Achieve meaningful organizational change.  These components, when practiced together, assure success: Positive Deviance: Learn from your positive deviants about how to do something right the first time. Positive Images: Use positive images to visualize the desired outcomes. Positive Practice: Consciously practice doing something right the first time. Positive Reflection: Spend time thinking about […]