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Turning learners into leaders

To some, disruption is a scary word. But to many, it’s a pathway to a better outcome. Did Amazon and Uber scare people when the companies started? Possibly. But the concept for these companies was based on forward-thinking ideas and both companies have changed the way their respective industries work. In my recent blog post […]

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Google’s Oxygen project took months to find out what makes a manager great; Cerebyte takes a day

Recently, a colleague forwarded me an article about Google’s Oxygen project from Inc. Magazine. This is a well-known effort by Google to use statistical analysis of performance reviews to determine what makes someone a good manager. The Google team’s findings are hardly revolutionary but, because they are Google, they are treated as some great revelation. […]

Let’s talk about results

By William Seidman We talk a lot about what we do and how we do it here on our blog. Now it’s time to  talk about some of the amazing results we have achieved with companies. We use five levels of measurement, from recorded learnings by the training program participants about how they used the […]

Connecting training to impact in the real world

By William Seidman A great colleague and friend, Jon Revelos of Global Novations, just sent me an article about the connection between training and impact. I think he meant to provoke me, which he did. The article argues that we shouldn’t be concerned about the relationship between training and return on investment (ROI)  because it […]

Build purpose, demand mastery and get out of the way.

By William Seidman A well-known organizational leadership conventional wisdom is that leaders should listen more and be more collaborative. Why do so few leaders practice it? And how does a leader actually go about creating a participative culture, not just a few participative interactions? Today’s leaders get a very mixed message about when and how […]

Is it really possible to “manage” performance?

By William Seidman I doubt  that it is really possible to “manage” performance — which hasn’t stopped people from trying! With the caveat that the real reason for performance management is salary administration, not improving performance, I think the entire idea of using performance management as a motivator and guide to performance improvement should be […]