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Creating an empowered and efficient team

A few months ago, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “How Bosses Waste Their Employees’ Time.” The author, Robert I. Sutton, is a professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the article is largely based on the research that Sutton and his colleague, Hayagreeva Rao, […]

Is working 9 to 5 really for losers?

I recently read an interesting article in the New York Times entitled In Silicon Valley, 9-5 Is for Losers. The gist of the article is that the high-tech culture in Silicon Valley values extreme work hours in order to potentially make a lot of money over all other values. As the article points out, even […]

Does having a “sense of purpose” help you sleep?

As anyone who read this blog knows, I am an advocate of developing a compelling social purpose and aligning everything in your work and life with achieving that purpose. Recently, I wrote a blog about how purpose-driven approaches to learning in general and the Cerebyte methodology contribute to brain health. Now there’s another study that […]

Let’s “involuntarily re-accommodate” these executives at United Airlines and Wells Fargo

This morning there were two telling articles on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. One article was about the now infamous “involuntary re-accommodation” by United Airlines. The other article was a report about Wells Fargo’s sales fraud. And, not too long ago there was a series of articles about Volkswagen executives’ role in […]

Purpose-driven organizations step into the spotlight

Andrew Hewitt, an in-demand speaker and best-selling author, seemed to get his start by feeling empathy. He witnessed his university friends entering high-status careers only to find themselves disenchanted with the corporate mentality of “profit-at-all-cost.” Those feelings of empathy led Hewitt to ask himself some questions: “Why is it that we spotlight the Fortune 500, […]

“Grassroots Change Management” at Oregon Organizational Development Network Meeting

By William Seidman On November 13, Rick and I are featured speakers at a meeting of the Oregon Organizational Development Network on “Grassroots Change Management.” The biggest challenge for most organizational cultural change initiatives is to get large numbers of people to quickly and completely embrace a desired change. Grassroots Change Management engages many people quickly […]

Scalable methodologies: The Star Factor

By William Seidman It’s relatively easy to teach new affirmative leadership techniques to small groups of people – six is no big deal, a dozen, still not a problem, but once you start to get to larger numbers, it gets difficult to scale the learning experiences effectively, especially in companies that are distributed globally, across […]

Q. are c-level meetings doomed to be dull? (A. no)

By William Seidman Peter Bregman has written a provocative piece on dysfunction in executive teams, and ways to remedy that dysfunction. His description of executives spending most of their time doing (or ignoring) presentations is right on. Far too many executive (and other meetings) are used for updating that could be done much more efficiently. […]