organizational change

Will investment in learning and development grow in 2018? It should.

As many of you know, investment in learning and development programs has, at best, stagnated since in the recession of 2008 and, at worst, experienced severe cutbacks. As we look ahead at 2018, the question is –- with what seems to be a more robust economy — is funding for investing in people in general […]

Cerebyte’s Sofia program helps speed leadership transformation

In an earlier post, I referred to a situation where a technical leader used our Cerebyte Sofia online learning platform to develop a best practice in just 1.5 hours. The situation that prompted this initiative is a real and common problem in a lot of organizations. Specifically, this organization recognized that the standard practice of […]

Is working 9 to 5 really for losers?

I recently read an interesting article in the New York Times entitled In Silicon Valley, 9-5 Is for Losers. The gist of the article is that the high-tech culture in Silicon Valley values extreme work hours in order to potentially make a lot of money over all other values. As the article points out, even […]

Human development technologies aren’t as exciting as gadgets … but they are effective

I had an interesting discussion with my three kids over the holidays. All three of them are in important positions with high technology companies – two work in digital advertising and one is a senior manager of cybersecurity for a large technology company. All three are what I would call early adopters of technology – […]


“Enjoying” the snow, but longing for sun? Join us in Florida for ATD 2015!

We’re looking forward to ATD 2015 and our session, “Beyond Counting Hours: Leading Non-Salaried Workers.” During our presentation we will discuss how non-salaried workers present unique leadership challenges. While responsible for accomplishing substantial amounts of critical work in many organizations, non-salaried workers are often economically insecure and minimally engaged.  This session provides a perspective on […]

Put your company on the fast-track to star performance

I’m very excited to announce the launch of our new Cerebyte Quick Start Workshops — a fast and efficient way to put your organization’s leaders, managers and employees on the path to top-level performance. At Cerebyte, we understand that in today’s fast-paced environment many organizations face time and budget constraints. These challenges make it difficult […]

Find a compelling purpose – and get everyone to buy in

There is no doubt a proliferation of marginally useful and confusing leadership terminology that requires a specific definition before it can become meaningful. In a post on HBR, Graham Kenny is the latest to take a stab at defining the term purpose. The deeper point here, however, is the importance of “purpose” to organizations, regardless […]