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Get the recipe for that “Secret Sauce”

By William Seidman Every company has its top performers who consistently sell more, produce more, and deliver more than their peers. These are a company’s stars, and we refer to their special knowledge, wisdom, and talent as their “secret sauce.” A lot of folks will brag that there’s no “secret sauce” to what they do. […]

Success: will you know it when you see it, or are there other ways to measure it?

By William Seidman Almost every executive at some time asks the question: “What are my people going to get from this leadership program?” and uses the answer to determine its fate. If a management team is spending several months in a program, the results should be obvious: new attitude and behaviors, far greater profits due […]

Learn cultural change from the experts: your positive deviants 1

By William Seidman Stephen Paskoff’s recent blog post  about cultural change on the Conference Board’s “Human Capital Exchange” got me to thinking about true cultural change and how to achieve it. Like Paskoff, I was also at an all-male college, Dartmouth, in the late 60’s. When it begain to admit women, our culture also changed rapidly. We were very motivated […]

Ensure success that’s both global and local

By William Seidman In our 15 years of work on performance improvements with global teams in multi-national organizations, we’ve found that three elements make a huge difference to success. Alignment on purpose. Teams that take the time to really discuss and align on the greater social good they are trying to create don’t need as much […]

The practice of learning: approach is everything

By William Seidman Learning is the most important part of “training.” So often, training initiatives fail. Companies waste thousands of dollars on programs that promise and don’t deliver. We use significant new approaches to learning (which is different from “training’) to produce both higher levels of initial engagement and better long-term, sustained capabilities. How is this done? Emphasize […]

Search vs. racking your brains: computers and memory

By William Seidman Here’s  an interesting article about the impact of computers and the internet on the organization of memory. It turns out that when information can be easily retrieved,  people spend a lot less effort remembering it – but we have gotten pretty good at remembering where to find it. People have shifted from remembering specific […]

Great attitude needs a sense of purpose, the most powerful catalyst

By William Seidman I’ve been working with a company that’s been trying to change the culture of its sales force by using a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Have you ever seen a CRM tool that could change a culture? I haven’t. But many people are far more comfortable talking about tools than about […]

Think freshly. Motivate to create and sustain change

By William Seidman  We work with organizations whose leaders say they want change that will be effective and that will stick. Our job is to show them, and the entire organization, how to make that happen. First we ask some questions: Does your organization have a sense of purpose?  Do your employees share it? Establishment of […]

Tim Kerrigan joins Cerebyte’s team

By William Seidman Often an organization’s leadership knows that things need fixing but have no idea where to begin. Performance (and numbers) may be seriously lagging, morale might be off – but the solutions are often elusive to executives. Performance improvement initiatives are one of the things Cerebyte does best, and to that end we’ve […]

They aren’t broken, they don’t need fixing: your sales people need energy and confidence

By William Seidman Managers sometimes decide that their sales team has underperformed and needs “fixing.” There are programs to assess the various competencies of sales people along with the inevitable Rxs – training programs and other remedial courses – to “fix” sales people. But the truth is that remedial programs usually don’t work, are almost […]