Let’s talk about results

By William Seidman We talk a lot about what we do and how we do it here on our blog. Now it’s time to  talk about some of the amazing results we have achieved with companies. We use five levels of measurement, from recorded learnings by the training program participants about how they used the […]

What drives patient satisfaction?

By William Seidman Two recent developments have put the medical community under the microscope. First, the Minnesota Supreme Court is considering whether to hear a case in which a doctor is suing the son of one of his patients because the son posted criticisms on a rate-your-doctor website. The case illustrates the role of social […]

Affirmative Leadership™ : why you want it and how to get it

By William Seidman  We’re excited about our new program, “Affirmative Leadership™.” Affirmative Leadership™ is based on a positive approach to the real world of organizational leadership — a world of uncertainty, limited information and courage. We developed Affirmative Leadership using the Cerebyte approach and have tested it with many companies.  We’ve seen its effectiveness. Affirmative Leaders ™ sense […]

Apply Mass Customization to performance improvement — it works

By William Seidman You can think of mass customization as the art of designing a product  — be it a good or a service – to meet the precise needs of a particular customer, who has specified those needs – and at a price near or at that for mass production. Futurologist Alvin Toffler, in […]

When average people get brilliant results

By Rick Grbavac Day 3 of the ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement)  conference in Orlando. Canadian and “Chief Treasure Hunter” Philip Kirby of Organization Thoughtware International gave the keynote,  titled  “Performance Improvement through Brilliant Process Management is Simple and Hard.” Kirby said, “Brilliant results are far more likely to come from average people managing brilliant processes, than […]

Why a transactional environment is bad for your company’s health and what you can do about It

By William Seidman Whether you’re a CEO or a manager, the chances are good that you’re focused on your company’s numbers to the exclusion of any big picture, and you feel like you’re pedaling as fast as you can. Welcome to the club – but you need not stay in it. Attaining vision requires real thought […]

Cerebyte talks with Dan Pink about autonomy, mastery, and purpose

By Rick Grbavac In a conversation we had with Daniel Pink, the author of Drive : The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, we proposed that Dan had assigned an order to his three things necessary to motivate knowledge workers: autonomy, mastery and purpose.  He told us that no particular order was intended. We replied that there […]

Getting even better at providing “better health for everyone at less cost”

By William Seidman We at Cerebyte are excited to be partnering with CHOICE Regional Health Network  to help this dynamic organization identify the best practices of hospital and social service case managers in Washington. Oregon, and Ohio – while also protecting the interests of hospitals, care providers, social service agencies, and communities. CHOICE’s vision is “better […]

If your company came with an instruction manual you don’t need “strategy to action in 10 days”

By William Seidman Ever wish your company had come with an instruction manual? Michael McCauley and I have written a book, Advantage Media has published it, and we’re excited. You can buy  “Strategy to Action in 10 Days: Creating High Performance Organizations”  directly from us, in bookstores, or on Amazon. There’s a Kindle edition, too. Join our Facebook page […]