Answering some thoughtful questions from management consultant Robert Morris

By William Seidman I was recently interviewed by management consultant Robert Morris. Our conversation was posted on the  First Friday Book Synopsis,  part of “The Employee Engagement Network.” I’ll be sharing some of the highlights (some edited for brevity) here. Today: What I know now that I wish I’d known when I founded Cerebyte, the major challenges our clients […]

Training for learning and real-world application

By William Seidman I’m working in two settings now where there’s a tension between traditional classroom instruction and experiential learning. Most training organizations like to train, which means classrooms, instructors, and – sometimes -elearning. Most people prefer to learn, and they learn better when they can immediately apply what they’ve learned. The art of training […]

The power of emotional connection in learning

By William Seidman David Brooks is writing a book on “neuroscience and sociology” and is interested in the science (and mechanics) of learning. I heard him speak at the Aspen Institute – you can hear his talk here. Some of his points re learning: emotional connection is vitally important genuine caring is the single most […]

The teaching method called “creative disruption”

By RG The way the US school system educates our kids is basically flawed. We spend more per child ($9000) than nearly every other country, but our results are comparatively poor. How can this be? An article by Clayton Christensen (he wrote The Innovator’s Dilemma), Michael Horn, and Curtis Johnson last week that suggests that […]