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Why you should never need to know how to spot a liar

  A recent study developed by researchers from the Harvard Business School and the University of Wisconsin, delved deeply into the language of deception in order to determine when someone is deceiving by omission or flat-out lying. The underlying premise of this study seems to be that deception and/or lying are pervasive in many organizations, […]

Let’s talk about results

By William Seidman We talk a lot about what we do and how we do it here on our blog. Now it’s time to  talk about some of the amazing results we have achieved with companies. We use five levels of measurement, from recorded learnings by the training program participants about how they used the […]

When something is great, and not “too good to be true”

By William Seidman Do you trust the quick fix? I don’t, either. When someone insists they have “the answer” my skepticism kicks in. But once in a while, something that is simple also happens to be true. I’ve spent many years developing what amounts to a roadmap for organizational success. “Performance improvement” is only a […]

What drives patient satisfaction?

By William Seidman Two recent developments have put the medical community under the microscope. First, the Minnesota Supreme Court is considering whether to hear a case in which a doctor is suing the son of one of his patients because the son posted criticisms on a rate-your-doctor website. The case illustrates the role of social […]

Building a foundation for great leadership

By William Seidman In “The End of Leadership,” Peter Vander Auwera bemoans the state of leadership today and calls for “a more humanistic approach, inspired by meaning and purpose.” This gets at something quite profound about leadership: The conventional wisdoms of leadership just don’t work. In our more than 15 years of helping organizations develop cultures […]

The Wisdom Discovery Session

By William Seidman To discover the attitudes, knowledge and skills that come so naturally to your star performers—the unconscious competence they possess—you must understand the general traits involved and create an environment in which people can analyze their own attitudes and behavior.  Many companies have tried to institute “Best Practice” implementations by doing interviews. In […]

Success: will you know it when you see it, or are there other ways to measure it?

By William Seidman Almost every executive at some time asks the question: “What are my people going to get from this leadership program?” and uses the answer to determine its fate. If a management team is spending several months in a program, the results should be obvious: new attitude and behaviors, far greater profits due […]