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Mentoring vs. knowledge sharing vs. little or no knowledge: compare and contrast

By William Seidman Randy Emelo writes about mentoring in Chief Learning Officer magazine.  He discusses how the millennial generation – people born after 1980 — views mentoring. Hint: Quite differently from the gen xers, baby boomers and the traditionalists, who each have their own views and values. The millennial generation wants a more egalitarian and free approach. Accustomed to knowledge sharing […]

Take the guesswork out of new hire success 2

By William Seidman New hire success is essential to an organization, and needn’t be a “fingers crossed” process. A single and unified experience, which we at Cerebyte have developed — and use in the real world — ensures success. Our model has four key parts: Set the Bar for the New Hire Motivate the New Hire Sustain the New […]

Answering some thoughtful questions from management consultant Robert Morris

By William Seidman I was recently interviewed by management consultant Robert Morris. Our conversation was posted on the  First Friday Book Synopsis,  part of “The Employee Engagement Network.” I’ll be sharing some of the highlights (some edited for brevity) here. Today: What I know now that I wish I’d known when I founded Cerebyte, the major challenges our clients […]

Getting even better at providing “better health for everyone at less cost”

By William Seidman We at Cerebyte are excited to be partnering with CHOICE Regional Health Network  to help this dynamic organization identify the best practices of hospital and social service case managers in Washington. Oregon, and Ohio – while also protecting the interests of hospitals, care providers, social service agencies, and communities. CHOICE’s vision is “better […]

Intrinsic motivation: doing things because they matter

By William Seidman I’m excited about Daniel Pink’s book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Pink thinks “there’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.”  Intrinsic motivation, according to Pink, is what really motivates people. He calls autonomy, mastery, and purpose THE motivating forces, and the old carrot-and-stick approach “a […]

If your company came with an instruction manual you don’t need “strategy to action in 10 days”

By William Seidman Ever wish your company had come with an instruction manual? Michael McCauley and I have written a book, Advantage Media has published it, and we’re excited. You can buy  “Strategy to Action in 10 Days: Creating High Performance Organizations”  directly from us, in bookstores, or on Amazon. There’s a Kindle edition, too. Join our Facebook page […]

Re-energize and passion-up: when good female (and male) managers want out

By Rick Grbavac Smart women in management make companies stronger and keeping them requires concentrated programs. This comes from the research that economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett performed in preparing her newest book, Top Talent: Keeping Performance Up When Business Is Down. In tough times, “high-powered women were more than twice as likely as men – 84 percent compared […]

Don’t panic – optimize your attitude and your company

By William Seidman In the midst of chaos, maybe more now than ever, attitude matters. How you handle yourself and your company in the midst of worldwide financial turmoil now matters a lot. The tendency is for companies to react by immediately and drastically cutting costs, because costs are controllable and cutting them appears to […]

The retiring knowledge worker problem and the loss of critical knowledge 3

By William Seidman Are a lot of your company’s best people approaching retirement? The prospect of losing expertise at a high rate can be more than a little frightening. We get numerous inquiries about this. Not many organizations take this seriously enough to fund programs or change daily routine sufficiently to prepare for this. Why? […]