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Will investment in learning and development grow in 2018? It should.

As many of you know, investment in learning and development programs has, at best, stagnated since in the recession of 2008 and, at worst, experienced severe cutbacks. As we look ahead at 2018, the question is –- with what seems to be a more robust economy — is funding for investing in people in general […]

Don’t panic – optimize your attitude and your company

By William Seidman In the midst of chaos, maybe more now than ever, attitude matters. How you handle yourself and your company in the midst of worldwide financial turmoil now matters a lot. The tendency is for companies to react by immediately and drastically cutting costs, because costs are controllable and cutting them appears to […]

Thinking about more than money

By William Seidman It might seem impossible, at this moment in our financial history, to think about more than money. But recently I conducted wisdom discovery with some great people: Lee Brower and his team from Quadrant Living; Albert Perkins and Michelangelo “Miki” Domine from CNRG Corp, and Ron Nakamoto from Strategic Financial. Our focus […]