employee retention

Making Promotions Work — Fast

Promoting someone is almost always a positive event for an organization. A person’s past accomplishments are recognized and a new opportunity is created for the person and the organization. It’s very exciting and energizing when someone gets a promotion. But newly promoted people often struggle with significant changes to their role and work. Many of […]


Will investment in learning and development grow in 2018? It should.

As many of you know, investment in learning and development programs has, at best, stagnated since in the recession of 2008 and, at worst, experienced severe cutbacks. As we look ahead at 2018, the question is –- with what seems to be a more robust economy — is funding for investing in people in general […]

Changing Commitment to People Development

Recently, I read two articles in the Wall Street Journal that presented an interesting picture of labor markets and organizations’ commitment to developing their people. The first article, “The End of Employees,” describes how many companies are shifting their work to “temporaries, contractors and vendors (TVC).” As the article states, this trend is “radically altering […]


The real cause of employee turnover 2

Why do employees leave? Most companies don’t want to face the answer, so they don’t collect data from outgoing employees beyond the usual exit interview. I can tell you from our experience working with companies that the primary cause for employee turnover is bad management. In the article “8 Questions You Need to Ask to […]

Re-energize and passion-up: when good female (and male) managers want out

By Rick Grbavac Smart women in management make companies stronger and keeping them requires concentrated programs. This comes from the research that economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett performed in preparing her newest book, Top Talent: Keeping Performance Up When Business Is Down. In tough times, “high-powered women were more than twice as likely as men – 84 percent compared […]

High employee turnover? Support – and retain – your employees 1

By William Seidman Employee turnover flummoxes good (and not so good) companies. This is an interesting article on the problem, with a number of fixes that might help to retain employees. Healthcare and better scheduling might work to keep some people in a company, but the impact is rarely a sustained one. The primary cause […]