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Making Promotions Work — Fast

Promoting someone is almost always a positive event for an organization. A person’s past accomplishments are recognized and a new opportunity is created for the person and the organization. It’s very exciting and energizing when someone gets a promotion. But newly promoted people often struggle with significant changes to their role and work. Many of […]



Raising performance through mentally and physically challenging activities

I read a fascinating article called How to Become a “Superager” in the Sunday Review section of the New York Times. The article defines the term superager, which is a term coined by the neurologist Marsel Mesulam, as those whose memory and attention isn’t merely above average for their age, but is actually on par […]

The challenges of scaling

By William Seidman Teaching 6 to 20 people is pretty straightforward: Present the knowledge, then follow up with each student to make sure everyone is applying it. But this approach doesn’t work with thousands of people who are all over the world. Not surprisingly, developing great leadership programs for large numbers of geographically dispersed people […]

Take the time for growth and change: you and your organization are worth it.

 By William Seidman I’ve had several checkpoint sessions with different companies using our program as part of getting started after the holidays. I found that there are a few people (fortunately not many) who aren’t doing the assigned learning exercises. It’s frustrating. They participate in the team meetings and discussions, but they aren’t well-prepared for […]

Distance no barrier to performance improvement for franchises

By William Seidman One of the most important capabilities of the Cerebyte system is its ability to improve performance in large and geographically-dispersed organizations, for example franchises. We describe the challenges and the solutions to this in Performance Improvement in the Far-flung Enterprise  and Optimizing Franchise Performance.  I  travel to Asia, Europe, and around the US for work with […]

Training for Transformational Leadership via telepresence

By William Seidman This week we used a Cisco Telepresence system here in Oregon to do group coaching simultaneously in Malaysia, China and Japan.  We’d thought this would go well, and it did. Several months ago we determined best practices — how to be a great transformational leader – from a group of highly effective internal leaders in […]

When a company does it right

By William Seidman We recently had a great experience working with The Berry Company Customer Service organization based in Dayton, Ohio . Berry is a company that’s enacting change the right way. The Problem: Customer service was overloaded. They knew they needed to do things differently. In addition to hiring more people and a new director of customer […]

Empower your positive deviants to transform medical and social services case management

By William Seidman As much as 50% of hospital emergency department visits may be due to untreated illnesses or situations for patients with multiple, complex, “co-occurring” conditions  including addictions, mental illness, and/or homelessness.  Case management has emerged to guide the development and management of comprehensive, integrated treatment plans that significantly reduce these demands on emergency […]

Make the effort grassroots: organizational change done right 2

By William Seidman Mike McCauley and I were guest columnists for the Portland Business Journal on Oct. 1. We contributed “Grassroots approach can speed up organizational change,” and outlined a simple four-step process that makes it easy to implement and sustain change in any workplace. Why does it take so long to make a real and […]

Cerebyte talks with Dan Pink about autonomy, mastery, and purpose

By Rick Grbavac In a conversation we had with Daniel Pink, the author of Drive : The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, we proposed that Dan had assigned an order to his three things necessary to motivate knowledge workers: autonomy, mastery and purpose.  He told us that no particular order was intended. We replied that there […]