New perspectives on transactional vs. transformational leadership

The conflict between the narrow focus on operational excellence often required to keep your current business running well versus broad demands for organizational transformation required for the future business has become severe. Leaders have to simultaneously minimize disruption to their current business while consciously disrupting it to make the changes required for rapidly evolving markets. […]

Training managers to be effective coaches

A recent article on the Winnipeg Free Press website caught my eye. In “Coach ‘em up: It’s how managers develop multi-skilled, committed employees,” Barbara Bowes points out what best-practice organizations are doing to develop the talent and skills of their employees. Rather than sending high-performing employees to offsite trainings, they are using in-house learning initiatives […]

Adam Grant’s “give and take”

By William Seidman Have you read Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success by organizational psychologist (and Wharton professor of management) Adam Grant? Give and Take is about “reciprocity styles” – basically, how people interact with others. Grant describes three styles of reciprocity: Givers (altruistic people who give to others without an expectation of […]

How NOT to motivate workers

By William Seidman Our understanding of what motivates people has evolved. As the Industrial Revolution created manufacturing jobs, the motivation was “pay more – get more.” Research over the past 50 years has shown that this works only in jobs with limited decision-making. For decision-makers, higher pay alone as an incentive is actually detrimental to […]