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Does sitting next to a “star” improve your performance?

Recently, I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Use Your Seat to Get Ahead.” The subtitle of the article, “Sitting next to a star at work improves your performance,” particularly piqued my interest since we do a lot of work with star performers at Cerebyte. The gist of the article is […]


“Enjoying” the snow, but longing for sun? Join us in Florida for ATD 2015!

We’re looking forward to ATD 2015 and our session, “Beyond Counting Hours: Leading Non-Salaried Workers.” During our presentation we will discuss how non-salaried workers present unique leadership challenges. While responsible for accomplishing substantial amounts of critical work in many organizations, non-salaried workers are often economically insecure and minimally engaged.  This session provides a perspective on […]

How to harness the power of story telling

Oxytocin is a powerful neurochemical that when produced, can create enormous amounts of performance improvement by enhancing empathy and motivating others to cooperate. Note that we are talking about the hormone produced by the hypothalamus, not the pain relievers with similar names like Oxycontin or Oxycodone. A recent study, conducted by researchers at the Harvard […]

Find a compelling purpose – and get everyone to buy in

There is no doubt a proliferation of marginally useful and confusing leadership terminology that requires a specific definition before it can become meaningful. In a post on HBR, Graham Kenny is the latest to take a stab at defining the term purpose. The deeper point here, however, is the importance of “purpose” to organizations, regardless […]

Develop Front-Line Leadership With Quick Start Workshops

Within many organizations, front-line leadership development is often the least supported area, but it arguably encompasses some of the most important positions. These positions are the direct link between your company and the people that most impact your customers. Our Quick Start Workshops for first-line supervisors and middle managers focus on the people in your […]

Achieve substantive change with workshops & cloud learning

Cerebyte uses the latest in neuroscience to understand what makes people top performers and guides learners to think and act like the best. Working closely with your team, we customize each workshop to fit your company’s language and culture. All participants will believe that this workshop was designed with them in mind. Ranging from four […]