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Here at Cerebyte, we strive to help you create and sustain a culture of greatness that embodies the values of your organization. This blog is an extension of our belief in life-long learning and continuous improvement. We welcome your comments and feedback.

  • Does sitting next to a “star” improve your performance?

    Does sitting next to a “star” improve your performance?

    Recently, I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Use Your Seat to Get Ahead.” The subtitle of the article, “Sitting next to a star at work improves your performance,” particularly piqued my interest since we do a lot of work with star performers at Cerebyte. The gist of the article is […] Read More »

  • “Why We Work”

    “Why We Work”

    I just finished reading a book entitled, “Why We Work” by Barry Schwartz. The book has three core messages that really resonated with me: – The evidence that purpose is …Read More »

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