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  • New perspectives on transactional vs. transformational leadership

    New perspectives on transactional vs. transformational leadership

    The conflict between the narrow focus on operational excellence often required to keep your current business running well versus broad demands for organizational transformation required for the future business has become severe. Leaders have to simultaneously minimize disruption to their current business while consciously disrupting it to make the changes required for rapidly evolving markets. […] Read More »

  • Turning learners into leaders

    Turning learners into leaders

    To some, disruption is a scary word. But to many, it’s a pathway to a better outcome. Did Amazon and Uber scare people when the companies started? Possibly. But the …Read More »
  • Making Promotions Work — Fast

    Making Promotions Work — Fast

    Promoting someone is almost always a positive event for an organization. A person’s past accomplishments are recognized and a new opportunity is created for the person and the organization. It’s …Read More »

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